The Emma Press Anthology of Illness – Reviews

Book reviews:

The Glass Magazine review writes:

In others, the complex relationship between patient and medical practitioner is addressed. Some feel comforted – and even, I must add, excited – by these practices of care, while others feel exposed and embarrassed. Overall, the anthology feels wide-reaching in its collection of poems that expose the fragile nature of human bodies at the intersection of decline and regeneration. Rebekah Miron’s poem, Checkup, pulls together the delicate edges of a waiting room, reading as an uncannily familiar experience:

“She has few memories

untouched by these meetings,

these stiff seats and clotted magazines;

she is always the youngest

and is observed with interest

as she steps carefully over

the pale sea carpet which offers

little peace really, 

for she thinks it is possibly deeper

underneath than she could stand.”

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